BAD Award Photo Exhibition | Central Library The Hague

When: 6-24 October 2017
Location: Central Library The Hague
Address: Spui 68, 2511 BT, The Hague

During the ‘Night of Science’ (Nacht van de Wetenschap) on October 6th, organized by NWO, ZonMw and NWA, a photo exhibition about the Bio Art & Design Award will be opened. The exhibition will be open to the public in the Central Library of The Hague until October 24th.

The exhibition shows pictures of eleven different works that have been realized from 2010 to 2017. These include Bulletproof Skin (2010), Microscopic Opera (2010), Aqua Vita (2011), In Vena Verbum (2011), Ergo Sum (2012), Fungi Mutarium (2014), The Art of Deception (2015), Dynamorphosis (2016), Haem (2016), Tame is to Tame (2016) and Estuary (2017). The exhibition also consists of a short film about the projects.


Isaac Monté, The Art of Deception (Heart of Stone)