Drones with Desires


Agi Haines and Marcel de Jeu & Jos van der Geest

Agi Haines, Marcel de Jeu and Jos van der Geest

The focus of ‘Drones with desires’ is to breathe life into mechanical devices through altering their material substance. With an increased efficiency of modelling the brain for artificial intelligence or the introduction of mechanics within biomedical sciences, where are the boundaries of human-ness in a world full of integrated and invasive technologies?How might we respond to a machine that characterizes human behaviors through a reconstructed sensory nervous system? This project will explore the thin line between natural and artifice, by creating a machine with inbuilt human memories.

Get to know Agi Haines a little bit better by watching her TEDxTalk on designing the human body:

23/08 It’s pretty hard..
21/07 Brainscan results
29/06 Scanning

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Agi about human enhancement at Now Future during Dutch Design Week:

17/10 – 25/10 Playing Life at Dutch Design Week
15/10 Biotalk at Mediamatic
12/06 Bessensap