MSA: Microbiome Security Agency

Emma Dorothy Conley and Guus RoeselersEmma Dorothy Conley and Guus Roeselers

The Microbiome Security Agency (The MSA) investigates the future of microbiome privacy issues and prepares citizens for a future where our personal information is at risk through our biological datasets. Your microbiome is a unique composition of bacteria, functioning as a record that reveals information about the people and places you’ve encounter.
But how is this information protected? Empowering individuals to secure their own data, The MSA provides the public with a toolkit of DIY biological information manipulation tactics.

20/09 Collecting Fecal Samples From The Zoo
24/08 On The Hide And Seek Of Information
14/08 Questions About Citizen Funded Science
25/07 Creating Options In The World
20/07 What Is A Microbiome?
16/07 Welcome To The MSA

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