16 Dec 2022 - 16 Apr 2023



16 December 2022


16 April 2023

The artists in Beyond Borders and Binaries dare to think between and beyond existing dichotomies and divisions, and embrace multiplicity.

16 December 2022 -
16 April 2023

MU Hybrid Art House

Torenallee 40-06



While divisions in the world seem to be getting sharper and sharper, for those who look closely, ever more complex realities are actually emerging. Many of these complexities have a relationship, to a greater or lesser extent, with what we think of as nature. Strangely enough, that very nature and our knowledge of it is often used to justify black-and-white and binary thinking.

Nonetheless, our understanding of life and living matter continues to deepen and expand thanks to life sciences and biotechnology, but also thanks to our willingness to broaden our 'enlightened' knowledge with the knowledge of long maligned or totally new intelligences.

For instance, there is increasing recognition of the difference between being labelled a man or a woman and feeling and being allowed to be a man, a woman and everything in between; it is better not to make the boundary between water and land nearly as hard as we certainly have done for centuries in the Netherlands, and the distinction between reason and feeling is also more fluid than we often 'think'. As 'natural' as it is for many to perceive the world in dichotomies like man/woman, water/land and ratio/feeling, they are simply not as sharp as they are often considered to be in debates. Historically opposing magnitudes, they are being increasingly expressed as sliding scales.

As a result, the paradigmatic dualistic ways of thinking so long dominant in economies and cultures, sciences and societies are increasingly crumbling to make way for more polyphony and less dogma. For daring to think and imagine beyond existing borders and binary oppositions.

In Beyond Borders and Binaries, the three winning teams of the Bio Art & Design (BAD) Award 2022 all present good examples of daring to break through and enrich existing visions. So do the five recent projects by other makers that are gathered around them. They tell us about the nourishing salt of waves and the healing salt of tears, about sleep as a form of eco-activism, about old and new relationships between humans and animals, and freedom of movement in the earthly and the extraterrestrial.