30 Nov 2018 - 10 Mar 2019



30 November 2018


10 March 2019

The continuous transformations of life on Earth and particularly the indelible part of humankind in the process are central themes of the exhibition ReShape.

30 November 2018 -
10 March 2019


Torenallee 40-06



If you keep looking long enough, you can see how everything changes. Animal species, plants, bacteria, mountain ranges, continents, solar systems—nothings retains its shape forever. Living and non-living things respond to each other in an endless, complex inter- action that scientists are unravelling and describing in ever greater detail. Meanwhile, we humans play an increasingly indelible role in the shaping of life. In ReShape artists and designers imagine the continuous transformation of life.

ReShape presents the three winning projects of the Bio Art & Design Award 2018, developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences. They are shown alongside recent works of nine other international artists and designers that share a focus on the theme of mutation and transformation. Areas of investigation include our place in the food chain, the digital reproduction of artificial life, worldwide corn varieties and the geological consequence of breeding a pink race of chickens.