BAD AWARD 2024 first selection for the MATCHMAKING

Find out who will join for the next round




19 April 2024

Since the BAD Award 2024 call opened in December, we received 107 applications coming from 20 different countries We were excited to read so many high-quality, innovative, and creative ideas!

Out of all these proposals a thorough selection of 16 applicants was made this week by representatives of the BAD Award consortium organizations (BioArt Laboratories, Dutch Design Foundation, MU Hybrid Art House and Next Nature Network).

Individually, all members of the selection committee graded all proposals on three aspects:

  1. quality of the artist/designer’s portfolio and CV
  2. quality of the idea (originality and feasibility)
  3. the likelihood of finding a match with one of the research groups.

With these results as the backbone they chose 16 proposals for the next round: the matchmaking with the 12 scientists and research groups on Friday 19 April between 13.00 en 18.00 in Eindhoven (location to be announced),

The selected artists/designer and the title of their proposals are:

  • Hazal Erturkan - Drinkable Memories | Microbiome Restaurant
  • Hsu Rae - She tries her tongue, her silence softly breaks (aka. Can the yeast speak?)
  • Yuning Chen - Microbial Revolt. Sovereign State Revolution
  • Carla Alcala Badias - Microbial Prophetesses
  • Liu Shuai - The Mythology of Craters: Destruction and Creation
  • Emilia Tapprest - Ecotonal Beings
  • Miguel Teodoro - Imaging the Geosphere
  • Qiu Yu, Diane Xing - Foods and digestive enzymes: reconnecting land and ancestors
  • Maria Daniela Paloma - La mata que no mata
  • Annan Zuo - Connecting the Umwelten. Being and Becoming a Cow
  • Laura Elidedt Rodriguez Torres - Mushroom Mitote: Decolonizing Psilocybin practices
  • Lena Kuzmich - Organ of Kin
  • Maksud Ali Mondal - Ruminating matters: a dyadic interaction
  • Eleonora Ortolani - Food, unearthed
  • Noelle Ingeveldt - Bovine Semiotics: Decoding with Machine Intelligence
  • Shonali Shetty - Reproductive Wilderness

With the BAD Award we are working on a strong network of designers/artists and scientists who like to collaborate. That's why we hope that even if you did not get selected this time, you will stay involved and feel welcome at all BAD related events.

Keep an eye on the BAD Award website and our socials @bad__award for the latest news and updates!